Paramita Barai

Numerical simulations of - Cosmology & large-scale structures: galaxy clusters, intergalactic & intracluster medium; Active galactic nuclei: accretion, feedback, outflows; Coevolution of supermassive black holes & galaxies; Radio galaxies.

Stefano Borgani

Cosmology, numerical simulations for the formation of large-scale structures, multi-wavelength study of galaxy clusters, cosmological constraints with clusters

Emanuele Contini

Galaxy formation and dark matter haloes

Weiguang Cui

Numerical simulations. Galaxy formation with feedbacks from star formation, galaxy winds, AGN, etc. Statistical methods of the large scale structure.

Gabriella De Lucia

Theoretical models of galaxy formation and evolution; galaxy formation and evolution as a function of environment; galaxy clusters and cluster galaxies; formation of large scale structure of the Universe.

David Goz

Gianluigi Granato

Galaxy formation and evolution; Dust reprocessing in AGN and galaxies (ATTENTION: Granato's webpage partly out of date)

Michaela Hirschmann

Theoretical galaxy formation and evolution using semi-analytic models and hydrodynamical simulations; active galactic nuclei and black hole growth; influence of environment on galaxy formation and evolution; stellar feedback; formation of the large-scale structure in the Universe

Madhura Killedar

Hydrodynamical simulations, galaxy clusters as strong gravitational lenses, galactic winds and the intergalactic medium, weak gravitational lensing

Pierluigi Monaco

Sub-resolution algorithm for star formation and stellar feedback in galaxy formation (MUPPI), semi-analytic galaxy formation

Emiliano Munari

Dynamics of substructures in cosmological simulations

Giuseppe Murante

Galaxy formation, galaxy cluster evolution and physics, diffuse stellar component in galaxy cluster, numerical techniques (nbody+sph codes developping, new sph techniques)

Susana Planelles

Hydrodynamical simulations; galaxy clusters; large-scale structure of the Universe; intracluster medium properties; the halo-finding problem.

Luca Tornatore

Matteo Viel

Hydrodynamic simulations, Intergalactic Medium, high redshift universe, large scale structure probes

Alvaro Villalobos


Klaus Dolag

Dunja Fabjan

ICM thermal and chemical properties, cluster X-ray and SZ scaling relations, AGN feedback effect on ICM

Fabio Fontanot

Semi-analytical modeling of galaxy formation and evolution; Joint evolution of Galaxies and Agns; High-redshift Universe

Alex Saro

Properties of the galaxy populations in large cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. Comparison between semi-analytic models and direct hydrodynamical simulations

Edoardo Tescari

Cosmological hydrodynamic simulations, chemical and physical properties of the Intergalactic Medium, feedback and enrichment mechanisms, interplay between galaxies and Damped Lya absorption systems.