COSMOCOMP@TRIESTE Workshop is a general meeting of the COSMOCOMP Initial Training Network, held in Trieste at the University Main Campus (map). For directions click here.

The aim of the workshop is to gather together young researchers and senior experts from the COSMOCOMP Nodes, to present results and discuss recent advancements in this fascinating field of modern cosmology, in an informal and lively environment.

Please note that the deadline for the registration is June 30th.

Simon White
Carlos Frenk
Peter Thomas
Frazer Pearce
Joop Schaye
Romain Teyssier
Stefano Borgani
Enrique Gaztanaga
Patricia B. Tissera
Mario Abadi
Diego Lambas
Yipeng Jing

Gabriella De Lucia ( delucia [at] )
Stefano Borgani ( borgani [at] )
Pierluigi Monaco ( monaco [at] )
Matteo Viel ( viel [at] )
Emiliano Munari ( emimun [at] )
Weiguang Cui ( wgcui [at] )
Madhura Killedar ( killedar [at] )
Susana Planelles (susana.planelles [at] )

This event is supported the European Commission's Framework Programme 7, through the Marie Curie Initial Training Network CosmoComp (PITN-GA-2009-238356).