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Welcome To Weiguang Cui's Home Page

This is me!

I am now a postdoc at university of Trieste , Italy, and working in a big, interesting and exciting "galaxy group", here is the link for you to explore.

When we trace back the mysterious universe, some important periods can not be missed. This is the same as we look back into our life, and you can find mine (CV) in here.


You can find most of my publications at the ADS database and also at arXiv .

Research interests :


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Simulation is a one of the most successful testing technology for we investigating the universe. It is a ideal world in which you can test your crazy minds. However, we are still far away from the real world, due to the power of the computer, and most important, due to the understanding of the evolution of the universe.

Modified Gravity:

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Gravity plays such an important role in the evolution of the universe. But the validation of general relativity on cosmic scale is still uncertain. With simulation we can test the effects of Gravity from different modified gravity models.

Fossil Groups:
fossil group
Is it a fossil group?