INAF-OATs first researcher

Contact Information
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
via G.B. Tiepolo, 11 - Trieste (Italy) I-34143

Office: via Bazzoni, 2 - 1st floor
Phone: (+39) 0403199137
e-mail: andrea.biviano AT inaf.it

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge(B. Russell)

Research Interests
Clusters and groups of galaxies: internal structure and dynamics
Galaxy evolution: environmental effects and orbits within clusters

Curriculum Vitæ
1992: PhD in astrophysics at the Trieste University
1993-1994: Postdoc at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
1995: Postdoc at the Sterrewacht Leiden (NL)
1996-1998: Member of the ISO-CAM team at ESA, Madrid
1997-2017: Researcher at the INAF-OATs, Trieste
2008-present: Associate researcher at the Institut d'Astrophys. de Paris (F)
2011-2016: Member of the INAF-OATs Council
2011-2021: Co-Manager of the Euclid Work Package "Clusters of Galaxies - Implementation"
2013: Italian national university habilitation (associate professor)
2017-present: First researcher at the INAF-OATs, Trieste (currently: grade 5)
2017-2018: Principal Investigator of the Italian LSST team on Clusters of Galaxies
2018-2020: Deputy director of the INAF-OATs, Trieste
2019: Italian national university habilitation (full professor)
Visiting scientist terms:
- Obs. Astr. de Marseille-Provence (F)
- Caltech, Pasadena (USA)
- Obs. de la Côte d'Azur, Nice (F)
- Excellence Cluster Universe, München (D)
Visiting professor terms:
- Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (F)
- Observatoire de Paris (F)

190 refereed papers in main astrophysical journals, 27 (resp. 42) as a 1st (resp. 2nd) author
11200 citations; H-index = 58, H1-index (considering only 1st author papers) = 19, read10-index: 670

Invited talks
21 invited talks/reviews at international conferences
33 invited seminars at international research institutes/universities

XXXII Canary Islands Winter School lectures

Review on the history of science on the Coma cluster
Review on the history of science on galaxy clusters


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