Valentina D'Odorico


I am a researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste since December 2008.
Since May 2018, I'm also part of the INAF joint research group at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.

My main research interest is observational cosmology.

I use the absorption lines observed in the spectra of high redshift bright sources (QSOs, GRBs) to investigate the large scale distribution of matter, the formation and evolution of galaxies and the interactions between galaxies, AGNs and the intergalactic medium (winds, IGM metal enrichment, UV background).

I am part of the consortium which built the high resolution spectrograph ESPRESSO@VLT (first light in November 2017) for which I contributed to the Science WP and led the Data Analysis Software WP. I am part of the Italian core team for the Phase A study of the HiRes spectrograph for the ESO ELT, for which I lead the Science Working Group on "Galaxy formation and evolution and the Intergalactic medium" and contribute to the Science Software workpackage.

Visit the web page of the XQ-100 X-shooter QSO survey of which I am one of the coordinators.

Visit the web page of the FRONTIERA project of which I am the co-PI, funded through the "Progetti Premiali" funding scheme of the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research.


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