(Joint Colloquia are highlighted in red)


Enea DI DIO (17.09.2014) - Cosmological Parameter Estimation with Large Scale Structure Observations

Yoel REPHAELI (03.09.2014) - SZ Surveys as Cosmological and Cluster Probes

Phil BULL (27.08.2014) - Cosmology with the SKA (square kilometer array)

Charles ROMERO (28.07.2014) - High Resolution Cluster Pressure Profile Measurements with MUSTANG and BOLOCAM

Weiguang CUI (23.07.2014) - Cosmological structures : Classification and Identification

Steven N. SHORE (02.07.2014) - Open questions for classical novae - part II: the prequel)

Andrea BURKERT (25.06.2014) - Watching a Little Gas Cloud on its Way into the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole

Elena MASON (18.06.2014) - Classical novae open questions

Aldo ALTAMORE (11.06.2014) - Angelo Secchi e il triplice osservatorio del Collegio Romano, culla dell'astrofisica europea e della geofisica italiana

Erica ELLINGSON (04.06.2014) - Galaxy-selected clusters: the Red-Sequence (RCS) Cluster Surveys

Séverin GAUDET (28.05.2014) - Extending the role of the data centre: the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre experience with distributed cloud computing and virtual observatory services Presentation (PDF)

Alexander BECK (27.05.2014) - How do magnetic field evolution and galaxy formation connect?

August EVRARD (21.05.2014) - Toward High-Fidelity Synthetic Skies: Computational Cosmology in Adolescence Presentation (PDF)

Marcello MUSSO (19.05.2014) - Random walks in the sky (remembering your steps!)

Luca AMENDOLA (14.05.2014) - Model-independent testing of modified gravity Presentation (PDF)

Maura SANDRI (07.05.2014) - Optical systematic effects in Planck measurements

Silvio BONOMETTO (30.04.2014) - Spiced LWDM. Meeting all cosmological tastes?

Anna PASQUALI (16.04.2014) - Observed properties of satellite galaxies

Debora SIJACKI (09.04.2014) - Simulating galaxy formation: numerical and physical uncertainties Presentation (PDF)

Isabella PRANDONI (03.04.2014) - Current and Next-Generation Deep Radio Surveys: probing AGN activity down to the radio-quiet AGN regime Presentation (PDF)

Linda SCHMIDTOBREICK (25.03.2014) - Constraining the evolution of Cataclysmic Variables with SW Sex stars and old novae

Joseph MOHR (21.03.2014) - The Cluster Baryon Budget and Cosmology with the SPT Galaxy Cluster Sample

Gabrijela ZAHARIJAS (14.03.2014) - Search for WIMP dark matter with the Fermi LAT

Paul SUTTER (06.03.2014) - A novel method for image reconstruction with radio interferometers

Jonathan TAN (05.03.2014) - Massive Star Formation Through The Universe

Kaustuv moni BASU (26.02.2014) - Studying galaxy clusters with the SZ effect: A path from APEX-SZ to CCAT

Martin KILBINGER (20.02.2014) - Exploring the dark Universe with weak gravitational lensing. Results from CFHTLenS

Piero ROSATI (12.02.2014) - CLASH: using massive clusters to probe the cosmological paradigm, structure formation and primordial galaxies

Ilia MUSCO (05.02.2014) - Gravitational collapse: structure formation and scalar fields

Francesco PACE (29.01.2014) - Impact of primordial non-Gaussianity on hydrodynamical chemistry simulations and the SZ effect

Tae-Sun KIM (15.01.2014) - Missing baryons at z ~ 0: the latest view from 14 QSO spectra with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph onboard HST Presentation (PDF)


Padelis PAPADOPOULOS (18.12.2013) - The state and mass of molecular hydrogen gas in galaxies: a new emerging view

Jonay Gonzalez HERNANDEZ (17.12.2013) - Origin of compact objects and supernovae

Daniele BERTACCA (12.12.2013) - Correlation function on very large scales

Giusi MICELA (11.12.2013) - The opportunity of transiting planets

Raffaella SCHNEIDER (4.12.2013) - Dust formation in the first supernovae

Sabrina DE GRANDI (27.11.2013) - The abundance properties of the distant cool-core cluster WARPJ1415.1+3612 (z=1.03) Presentation (PDF)

Alberto RORAI (20.11.2013) - Measuring the Jeans scale of the IGM with close quasar pairs Presentation (PDF)

Paolo TOZZI (19.11.2013) - Ammassi di galassie: the full monty

Michele TRENTI (13.11.2013) - The first galaxies: bright and faint

Federico MARINACCI (6.11.2013) - Forming disc galaxies on a moving mesh: zoom-in simulations of Milky Way-sized haloes

Adam MUZZIN (30.10.2013) - The Evolution of Massive Galaxies in Field and Cluster Environments at z > 1

Fabio FONTANOT (24.10.2013) - Semi-analytic Galaxy Formation in Dark Energy Cosmologies

Jorge MORENO (16.10.2013) - The Dynamics of Galaxy Pairs in a Cosmological Setting

Nelson PADILLA (9.10.2013) - Effects of stochasticity of acquisition of angular momentum in the evolution of galaxies

Isabelle CHERCHNEFF (2.10.2013) - Nanoparticles in space: the synthesis of cosmic dust in the universe Presentation (PDF)

Alex SARO (18.9.2013) - The SPT cluster survey and its cosmological implications

Jun-Qing XIA (11.9.2013) - What can we learn from the cross-Correlations between Cosmic Microwave Background & Large Scale Structure data?

Hadi RAHAMANI (3.7.2013) - Constraining the variation of fundamental constants at z ~ 1.3 using 21-cm absorbers

Elena PIERPAOLI (19.6.2013) - From Planck to Euclid: cosmology from current and future surveys of galaxy clusters

Benjamin AUDREN (18.6.2013) - Conservative constraints on Cosmology - an illustration of the Monte Python cosmological parameter inference code

Adolfo L. MENDEZ BERHONDO (17.6.2013) - Deterministic behaviour in the dynamics of solar fiber bursts

Viola ALLEVATO (12.6.2013) - Clustering properties and halo occupation of X-ray selected AGN in COSMOS

Marcella UGLIANO (5.6.2013) - Progenitor-explosion connection and remnant birth masses for neutrino-driven supernovae

Giovanni VLADILO (29.5.2013) - Studies of Planetary Habitability performed with Energy Balance Climate Models

Andrei MESINGER (22.5.2013) - The formation of the earliest structures as a probe of Dark Matter and small-scale power Presentation (PDF)

Emanuele Paolo FARINA (15.5.2013) - Two is better than one: unveiling the environment of quasars with pairs and triplets

Alfonso ARAGON-SALAMANCA (8.5.2013) - The formation of S0 galaxies

Veronica BIFFI (24.4.2013) - Synthetic X-ray observations of simulated galaxy clusters

James BOLTON (17.4.2013) - Reionisation via the Lyman-alpha line Presentation (PDF)

Arnold BENZ (11.4.2013) - Water and other hydrides in star formation

Nacho TRUJILLO (10.4.2013) - The entertaining life of massive galaxies

Jean-Luc STARCK (27.3.2013) - Sparsity in Cosmology

Simon WHITE (20.3.2013) - The gas content of dark matter halos as seen by Planck

Sunghye BAEK (14.3.2013) - Identifying AGN-powered Lyman Alpha Emitters

Stefano ANSOLDI (13.3.2013) - Blazar spectral energy distributions: statistical determination of emission parameters

Marco GULLIEUSZIK (6.3.2013) - OMEGA-WINGS: First observations of WINGS cluster of galaxies with OmegaCAM@VST

Eiichiro KOMATSU (5.03.2013) - The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: The Final Results

Will PERCIVAL (27.2.2013) - Cosmological Measurements from Galaxy Clustering

Pratika DAYAL (20.2.2013) - Hot & Cold: star formation and dust in the early Universe

Vid IRSIC (13.2.2013) - Lyman alpha forest in 1D and 3D

Umberto MAIO (6.2.2013) - Primordial structure formation in the early Universe

Ben MOORE (30.1.2013) - The Frequency of Elephants in the Galaxy

Filipe ABDALLA (23.1.2013) - Looking through our Galaxy, the epoch of reionisation and foreground removal

Joseph LAZIO (22.1.2013) - Overview of SKA and its Science

Nadia BALUCANI (16.1.2013) - The reactions of atomic oxygen with unsaturated hydrocarbons in extraterrestrial environments

Paolo MOLARO (9.1.2013) - Detection of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in the 2012 June 6 Venus transit


Lorenzo PIVETTA (14.12.2012) - The TANGO Control System framework

Roberto CIRAMI (14.12.2012) - The ALMA Common Software (ACS) as a basis for a distributed software development

Alessandra SILVESTRI (5.12.2012) - Cosmological Tests of General Relativity Presentation (PDF)

Giuseppe MURANTE (28.11.2012) - Numerical galaxy formation with subgrid recipes

Alessandro SOZZETTI (21.11.2012) - Finding and Characterizing Exoplanets Around Our Cool, Nearest Neighbors: A Multi-Technique Approach

Volker SPRINGEL (14.11.2012) - Cosmology on a moving mesh

Nina HATCH (7.11.2012) - Galaxy protoclusters: cradles of galaxy formation

Stephane CHARLOT (31.10.2012) - Constraints on galaxy physical properties from multi-wavelength observations

Tayyaba ZAFAR (29.10.2012) - No evolution of Omega_HI over cosmological scales

Omar TIBOLLA (24.10.2012) - Unidentified very-high-energy gamma-ray sources and the origin of cosmic rays

Tom THEUNS (19.10.2012) - Eagle, Owls and other Gimics

Michele CAPPETTA (10.10.2012) - The first planet detected in the WTS: an inflated hot-Jupiter in a 3.35 day orbit around a late F-star

Jordi Miralda Escudé (03.10.2012) - The large-scale cross-correlation of DLAs and the Lyman-Alpha Forest from BOSS

Ana Laura SERRA (26.9.2012) - Mass estimate and membership identification in clusters of galaxies through the caustic technique Presentation (PDF)

Elena RASIA (14.9.2012) - Cluster of galaxies from various perspectives: cosmology & astrophysics, simulations & observations

Marusa BRADAC (26.6.2012) - KECK, VLT, HST, and the universe's largest cosmic telescopes team up to study z~7 galaxies

Lam HUI (21.06.2012) - Testing gravity with black holes, binary pulsars and the microwave background

Massimo VIOLA (14.6.2012) - Unbending the light

Michael MURPHY (12.6.2012) - Does the fine-structure constant vary across the sky?

Jochen WELLER (6.6.2012) - Constraining Cosmology with Galaxy Cluster

Antonella GARZILLI (30.5.2012) - Measuring the intergalactic medium thermal history with wavelets filtering Presentation (PDF)

Daniel KUNTH (24.05.2012) - The Lyman emitters along the history of the Universe

Elena D'ONGHIA (16.5.2012) - Self-Perpetuating Spiral Arms in Disk Galaxies

Danilo MARCHESINI (9.5.2012) - The Universe at z=2-4: New Insights into Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Giulia RODIGHIERO (2.5.2012) - A galaxy's life in and out the main-sequence of star-forming galaxies at z~2

Francisco Villaescusa NAVARRO (18.4.2012) - Impact of neutrino masses on cosmology

Emiliano SEFUSATTI (28.3.2012) - Testing the initial conditions with the large-scale structure of the Universe

Antonio PIPINO (21.3.2012) - Specific star formation rate, quenching and the evolution of the galaxies over cosmic time

Thorsten NAAB (14.3.2012) - Galactic Collisions

Katia BIAZZO (7.3.2012) - Young populations in the large-scale Gould Belt structure Presentation (PDF)

Manuela ZOCCALI (22.2.2012) - The complex structure and stellar population of the galactic bulge

Matthias BARTELMANN (16.02.2012) - Questions on Galaxy-Cluster Lensing

Paul HEWETT (9.2.2012) - Extracting Physics from Spectra

Elena RICCIARDELLI (1.2.2012) - The MIUSCAT stellar population models: constraints from optical photometry

Gianni STRAZZULLA (25.1.2012) - Ion irradiation induced effects on airless bodies in the solar system

Elena MASON (11.1.2012) - Serendipities in the study of classical and recurrent novae


Fabrizio FIORE (14.12.2011) - Faint high-redshift AGN: the evolution of the AGN luminosity function and black hole demography

Alvio RENZINI (12.12.2011) - The structure of star forming z~2 galaxies

Paramita BARAI (7.12.2011) - Simulating Supermassive Black Hole Accretion: Spherical Flow to Cold Clumps and Hot Bubbles

Antonella VALLENARI (30.11.2011) - The Gaia-ESO survey

Wang LAN (23.11.2011) - A modified star formation law as a solution to open problems in galaxy evolution

Carlos CUNHA (16.11.2011) - Dark Energy Survey: Overview and spectroscopic follow-up requirements

Susana PLANELLES (9.11.2011) - Exploring gravitational feedback processes in a cosmological context

Rudy GILMORE (26.10.2011) - Modeling and Measurement of Cosmic Background Radiation

Hiranya PEIRIS (20.10.2011) - First observational tests of eternal inflation

Cristiano DE BONI (28.09.2011) - Hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters in dark energy cosmologies

Angela BRAGAGLIA (21.09.2011) - Milky Way old stellar clusters

Valentina PRESOTTO (13.07.2011) - A journey from the outskirts to the cores of groups: Colour and Mass Segregation in the 20k-zCOSMOS group sample

Benedetta VULCANI (11.07.2011) - The galaxy stellar mass function in different environments and at different redshifts

Jim BARTLETT (29.06.2011) - Planck Early Results on Galaxy Clusters

Joe SILK (16.06.2011) - Dark Matters

Simone WEINMANN (09.06.2011) - Low mass field and cluster galaxies in observations and semi-analytical models Presentation (PDF)

Andrea MACCIO` (25.05.2011) - Simulated merger trees a new numerical tool

Cristina CHIAPPINI (20.05.2011) - Spinstars: the first polluters of the Universe?

Simon LILLY (19.05.2011) - Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution: simplicity and its consequences

Marcella MASSARDI (11.05.2011) - Early Science with ALMA: capabilities and proposal preparation Presentation (PDF)

Edward BARON (27.04.2011) - On Using Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological Probes

Laura PORTINARI (20.04.2011) - On the cosmological evolution of the black hole - host galaxy relation in quasars Presentation (PDF)

Elisabetta DOTTO (06.04.2011) - A sample return mission to a primitive Near Earth Asteroid: the ESA Cosmic Vision M3 mission MarcoPolo-R Presentation (PDF)

Paolo DI MARCANTONIO & Stefano CRISTIANI (30.03.2011) - Espresso - No Limits Scientific and Technical Presentations (PDF)

Giuseppe LA VACCA (23.03.2011) - A skeleton in the cupboard: can 7Li come back ? Presentation (PDF)

Michaela HIRSCHMANN (02.03.2011) - Galaxy Formation in SAMs and Simulations Presentation (PDF)

Mariangela BERNARDI (23.02.2011) - Massive galaxies in massive datasets Presentation (PDF)

Luca AMENDOLA (17.01.2011) - Future prospects of dark energy cosmologies

Andrea ZACCHEI and Joaquin GONZALES NUEVO (09.02.2011) - Planck Mission: Status and First product available to the Community, the ERCSC (Early Release Source Catalog) Presentation (PDF)

Samuel BOISSIER (02.02.2011) - Backward Evolutionary models: Stellar Mass and Velocity Functions of Galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Massimo PERSIC (12.01.2011) - The restless gamma-ray Universe Presentation (PDF)


Piercarlo BONIFACIO (16.12.2010) - Lithium and Cosmology: what are the problems?

Eros VANZELLA (7.12.2010) - Lyman break galaxies at redshift beyond 3 and contribution to the ionizing ultraviolet background

Simeon BIRD (1.12.2010) - The clustering of matter at redshift 3 Presentation (PDF)

Jorge MORENO (24.11.2010) - Clustering constraints on black hole evolution Presentation (PDF)

Andrea BIVIANO (18.11.2010) - Cluster feeding filaments are the "Paths of Glory" of galaxy evolution Presentation (PDF)

Jörg DIETRICH (10.11.2010) - Weak Gravitational Lensing by Galaxy Clusters and the Large Scale Structure Presentation (PDF)

Gary MAMON (27.10.2010) - How do galaxies get their mass and when do they form their stars? Presentation (PDF)

Olga CUCCIATI (20.10.2010) - How environment affects galaxy colour: a perspective from large and deep redshift surveys Presentation (PDF)

Peter KATGERT (13.10.2010) - The shapes of disks and bulges in cluster galaxies of different morphological types

Sebastiano CANTALUPO (06.10.2010) - The bright Ly-alpha side of the high-redshift Intergalactic Medium Presentation (PDF)

Raffaella MARGUTTI (29.09.2010) - X-ray flare properties in Gamma Ray Bursts: constraining the nature of the central engine Presentation (PDF)

Stefano CRISTIANI (28.09.2010) - A che serve l'Astronomia? Presentation (PDF)

Trevor PONMAN (16.09.2010) - Galaxy groups and cosmic feedback Presentation (PDF)

Hugo LEVATO (01.09.2010) - Research on rotation, multiplicity and chemically peculiar stars at ICATE

Saul ADELMAN (07.07.2010) - The ASTRA Spectrophotometer Presentation (PDF)

Florian FREISTETTER (23.06.2010) - Celestial meachanics: from order to chaos Presentation (PDF)

Sandro D'ODORICO (17.06.2010) - Science goals with the E-ELT: prospects from the instrumentation studies Presentation (PDF)

Gregory RUDNICK (09.06.2010) - The Evolution of Red Galaxies in Clusters over Most of Cosmic Time Presentation (PDF)

Francesca PRIMAS (04.06.2010) - No dispersion and a plateau: what is going on with the easiest of the light elements ?

Alfonso AGUERRI (03.06.2010) - Influence of the environment on galactic structures: discs and bars Presentation (PDF)

Martin ASPLUND (20.05.2010) - Does the Sun have a subsolar metallicity? Presentation (PDF)

Rafael BARRENA (12.05.2010) - Earth's transmission spectrum from lunar eclipse observations Presentation (PDF)

Elena TUNDO (05.05.2010) - A study on the connection between galaxies and their SMBHs

Fernando QUEVEDO (28.04.2010) - Cosmological Inflation from String Theory Presentation (PDF)

Francesco PACE (27.04.2010) - Structure formation and Spherical Collapse Model in dark energy models Presentation (PDF)

Tiziano VALENTINUZZI (21.04.2010) - Massive compact galaxies in local and high-z galaxy clusters Presentation (PDF)

Kutluay YÜCE (14.04.2010) - From stellar spectra to chemical abundance analysis Presentation (PDF)

Paolo MOLARO (31.03.2010) - Like a rolling constant

Giuseppe GAVAZZI (24.03.2010) - A snapshot on galaxy evolution in the Great Wall: Nature or Nurture? Nurture! Presentation (PDF)

Gianfranco BERTONE (18.03.2010) - Identifying dark matter particles Presentation (PDF)

Reno MANDOLESI (10.03.2010) - Innovation and technological transfer

Silvio BONOMETTO (04.03.2010) - Neutrino mass and dark cosmic components

Angioletta CORADINI (24.02.2010) - Planetary satellites: structure and formation

Alvaro VILLALOBOS (17.02.2010) - Simulations of the formation of thick discs in galaxies

Paolo CREMINELLI (10.02.2010) - The collapse of dark energy Presentation (PDF)

Guido MARTINELLI (3.02.2010) - Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in the Standard Model and beyond Presentation (PDF)

Jan BRAND (27.01.2010) - ALMA and the Italian ALMA Regional Centre Presentation (PDF)

Bianca GARILLI (20.01.2010) - The VVDS project: closing up and lessons learned Presentation (PDF)


Pierluigi SELVELLI (21.12.2009) - Dall'Occhiale al Cannocchiale

Amedeo TORNAMBE' (16.12.2009) - A self-consistent model for the evolution of the progenitors of type Ia supernovae up to the explosive outcome and the interpretation of their observational properties. (Natura facit Saltus!)

Fabio FONTANOT (9.12.2009) - The Many Manifestations of Downsizing: Hierarchical Models Confront Observations Presentation (PDF)

Guinevere KAUFFMANN (25.11.2009) - Towards an understanding of gas accretion and star formation in galaxies

Jun YIN (18.11.2009) - Chemical Evolution and Star Formation History of the Disks of Spiral Galaxies in Local Group Presentation (PDF)

David WILMAN (11.11.2009) - Morphological Composition of z~0.4 Groups: The Site of S0 Formation? Presentation (PDF)

Valerio D'ELIA (04.11.2009) - High Resolution Spectroscopy of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows

Gabriel PRATT (28.10.2009) - Structure, scaling and statistical properties of galaxy clusters Presentation (PDF)

John BRUCATO (21.10.2009) - The role of cosmic dust analogues in prebiotic chemistry Presentation (PDF)

Kazushi IWASAWA (20.10.2009) - Mean X-ray spectral properties of active galaxies in the COSMOS field

Zong Hong ZHU (7.10.2009) - A generalized equation of state for dark energy Presentation (PDF)

Theo M. NIEUWENHUIZEN (9.09.2009) - On the neutrino mass and neutrinos as the hot dark matter Presentation (PDF)

Carlos MARTINS (26.06.2009) - Astrophysical searches for varying constants

Massimo TURATTO (24.06.2009) - The fate of Massive Stars

Tae-Sun KIM (17.06.2009) - The chemical enrichment of the intergalactic medium Presentation (PDF)

Roberto TROTTA (10.06.2009) - Building (and doubting) the cosmological concordance model

Simona MEI (03.06.2009) - Stellar populations and morphology on the red sequence at z~1

Giovanna TINETTI (27.05.2009) - Exploring extrasolar worlds: from Gas-Giants to terrestrial habitable planets

George MILEY (21.05.2009) - Probing the Early Universe with Radio Galaxies

Lucio CRIVELLARI (15.05.2009) - Algorithms for the solution of non-linear and non-local problems Presentation (PDF)

Marcella BRUSA (13.05.2009) - AGN evolution from large and deep X-ray surveys: results and perspectives Presentation (PDF)

Serguey PETCOV (06.05.2009) - Neutrino Masses, Mixing, Oscillations, Dirac and Majorana Leptonic CP Violation, bb0nu-Decay and Leptogenesis Presentation (PDF)

Paolo DI MARCANTONIO (28.04.2009) - The Commissioning of X-shooter: a New Spectrograph @ VLT Presentation (PDF)

Francesco SHANKAR (22.04.2009) - Constraining Black Hole and Galaxy Evolution Presentation (PDF)

Georgi DVALI (16.04.2009) - Black holes and origin of species

Christian MARINONI (08.04.2009) - Testing gravity and cosmological models at z=1 Presentation (PDF)

Joana SANTOS (25.03.2009) - The galaxy population of an X-ray luminous Galaxy Cluster at redshift z~1 Presentation (PDF)

Sandro BRESSAN (19.03.2009) - Recent advances in Stellar Evolution and interplay with Galaxy formation

Gabriele CESCUTTI (10.03.2009) - Chemical evolution of heavy elements in different stellar systems of the Local Group Presentation (PDF)

Silvano DESIDERA (03.03.2009) - Searching for extrasolar planets Presentation (PDF)

Francesca PANESSA (25.02.2009) - The radio and X-ray coupling in radio quiet AGN

Fabio PASIAN (18.02.2009) - The Virtual Observatory: concepts, facilities, challenges Presentation (PDF)

Maria-Rosa CIONI (11.02.2009) - AGB stars and the properties of the Magellanic Clouds and M33

Pierluigi SELVELLI (04.02.2009) - The secrets of T Pyx. A recurrent nova that will not become a SN Ia Presentation (PDF)

Olivier TIRET (28.01.2009) - Exploring the MOND paradigm Presentation (PDF)

Takuma SUDA (21.01.2009) - Galactic archeology with stellar evolution

Luigi IAPICHINO (14.01.2009) - Modelling of turbulent flows applied to numerical simulations of galaxy clusters Presentation (PDF)


Pierluigi SELVELLI (18.12.2008) - I cannocchiali nei quadri di J. Bruegel e P. Rubens, e la storia dei primi telescopi. (Un seminario in celebrazione dei 400 anni del primo cannocchiale)

Tommaso TREU (17.12.2008) - Dark matter in galaxies and clusters of galaxies

Henry J. Mc CRACKEN (10.12.2008) - Massive galaxies at z~2 in the COSMOS-WIRCAM Ks-band survey Presentation (PDF)

Franco CATALDO (3.12.2008) - Astrochemical aspects of elemental carbon: chains, clusters and grains

Giuseppina BATTAGLIA (25.11.2008) - Chemistry and kinematics of stars in Milky Way dwarf spheroidal galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Nick GNEDIN (20.11.2008) - Simulating Reionization: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Presentation (PDF)

Mario NONINO (12.11.2008) - How U can image different environments Presentation (PDF)

Pierluigi MONACO (10.11.2008) - Galaxy formation, what are we learning?

Silvano MOLENDI (05.11.2008) - Entropy, metals and everything

Sandro BARDELLI (29.10.2008) - Optical properties of radiogalaxies in the vla/vimos-vlt redshift survey region: linking the evolution to the star formation rate Presentation (PDF)

Dick Mc CRAY (27.10.2008) - SN1987A: the birth of a supernova remnant Presentation (PDF)

Ravi SHETH (15.10.2008) - Standard rods when making maps

Nicola MENCI (08.10.2008) - The environmental dependence of galaxy properties from high to low redshift from cosmological galaxy formation models

Francesco LONGO (02.10.2008) - The Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope Status, Early Results and Prospects

Tim DE ZEEUW (18.09.2008) - The SAURON survey Presentation (PDF)

Scott TREMAINE (19.06.2008) - The long-term evolution of orbits in planetary systems

Gianluigi GRANATO (12.06.2008) - Ab-initio models of galaxy formation: are we kidding ourselves?

Filippo MANNUCCI (11.06.2008) - Mass, Metallicity and Dynamics of high-redshift galaxies

Francesca ESPOSITO (28.05.2008) - Toward a manned space mission to Mars

Angela IOVINO (21.05.2008) - Groups Environment and Galaxy Evolution: news from zCosmos

Sabino MATARRESE (15.05.2008) - Primordial non-Gaussianity and CMB: present constraints and future expectations

Marco FRAILIS (30.04.2008) - The Planck LFI telemetry handling system: software, interfaces and procedures for launch preparation

Andrej CADEZ (23.04.2008) - Tides in the gravitational field of a black hole

Francesco FERRARO (17.04.2008) - Globular Clusters

Dan MAOZ (9.04.2008) - Supernova Rates: Near and Far, Cluster and Field

Pavel KROUPA (2.04.2008) - Are the dSph satellite galaxies tidal-dwarfs?

Elena RASIA (26.03.2008) - Studying scaling relation of galaxy clusters and their scatter. Presentation (PDF, 43 MB)

Neil TUROK (20.03.2008) - What Banged?

Tomaz ZWITTER (19.03.2008) - Present state and promises of the RAVE survey

Patrick FRANÇOIS (05.03.2008) - Abundance of heavy elements in extremely metal-poor stars

Andreja GOMBOC (27.02.2008) - Early Optical Afterglows of GRBs with 2-m Robotic Telescopes Presentation (PDF)

Chiara MASTROPIETRO (20.02.2008) - Ram-pressure versus tides: when gravity is only part of the story

Luca AMENDOLA (06.02.2008) - The dark side of gravity Presentation (PDF)

Giuseppe LODATO (31.01.2008) - Some issues on planet formation theory

Michele CIRASUOLO (23.01.2008) - Exploring the cosmic history of galaxies

Dick BOND (15.01.2008) - Cosmic Microwave Background and Cosmological Concordance Model

Marco FULLE (09.01.2008) - Iron tails Presentation (PDF)


Maria POLLETTA (19.12.2007) - Active Galactic Nuclei in the infrared: identification, energetic and properties of the obscuring material Presentation (PDF)

Sebastian LOPEZ (13.12.2007) - Probing cluster galaxies with background QSOs Presentation (PDF)

Maxim Yu. KHLOPOV (10.12.2007) - Nonstandard nucleosynthesis as cosmological consequence of particle theory Presentation (PDF)

Giancarlo PACE (05.12.2007) - The cosmological lithium discrepancy and how observations in open clusters can be of some help Presentation (PDF)

Martin WENDT (28.11.2007) - Variability of the proton-to-electron mass ratio on cosmological scales - methods and shortcomings Presentation (PDF)

Fabrizio NICASTRO (21.11.2007) - The Missing Baryon Hunt Presentation (PDF)

Piero ULLIO (14.11.2007) - A multiwavelength approach to dark matter detection Presentation (PDF)

Bianca POGGIANTI (07.11.2007) - Environmental dependence on the formation and evolution of galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Uli KLEIN (22.10.2007) - Rotation Curves of Disk Galaxies: New Perspectives Presentation (PDF)

Rachel SOMERVILLE (18.10.2007) - AGN feedback: Where, When, and How? Presentation (PDF)

François LEBLANC (10.10.2007) - Mercury's atmosphere Presentation (PDF)

Vincenzo MAINIERI (03.10.2007) - What can we learn on obscured AGN from the COSMOS Survey Presentation (PDF)

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Albert STEBBINS (21.06.2007) - Cosmological Large-Scale Structure

Kenji BEKKI (06.06.2007) - Globular cluster systems and galaxy formation Presentation (PDF)

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Swetlana HUBRIG (25.05.2007) - Magnetic fields in massive stars

Ettore MINGUZZI (23.05.2007) - Galactic flat rotational curves and Pioneers' anomalous acceleration Presentation (PDF)

Max PETTINI (17.05.2007) - The First Stars: Clues from Damped Lyman alpha Systems and Lyman Break Galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Nick SCHNEIDER (11.05.2007) - Jupiter's Magnetosphere: A Volcano-Powered Nebula

Ennio PORETTI (08.05.2007) - The scientific profile of the space mission Corot Presentation (PDF)

Christian THEIS (02.05.2007) - Modeling Interacting Galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Piero MADAU (19.04.2007) - Cold Dark Matter Substructure in Galaxy Halos

Pierluigi SELVELLI (11.04.2007) - The HeII Fowler lines and the OIII and NIII Bowen fluorescence lines in the symbiotic nova RR Tel

Francesco MARZARI (04.04.2007) - Dynamics of Extrasolar Planets Presentation (PDF)

Patricia SANCHEZ-BLAZQUEZ (28.03.2007) - The star formation history of early-type galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Alessandra ROTUNDI (21.03.2007) - Stardust: the first laboratory analyses of cometary dust

Michele MAGGIORE (15.03.2007) - Gravitational Waves: Theory and Observations

Enzo BRANCHINI (07.03.2007) - Looking for missing barions with x-ray glasses Presentation (PDF)

Yasunori FUJII (05.03.2007) - Scalar-tensor theory, the accelerating universe and the time-dependent fine-structure constant Presentation (PDF)

Giuseppe BONO (28.02.2007) - Omega Centauri: the possible link between globular clusters and dwarf galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Roberto BATTISTON (21.02.2007) - Cosmic-ray Astrophysics with AMS-02

Andy FABIAN (15.02.2007) - Observations of AGNs

Massimo DELLA VALLE (14.02.2007) - GRB 060614: when a star dies in the shadow

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Pietro GRECO (25.01.2007) - Prove tecniche di trasmissione. La comunicazione nell'era post-accademica della scienza Presentation (PDF)

Viatcheslav MUKHANOV (18.01.2007) - Inflation: Confronting Predictions with Observations


Roberto MAIOLINO (13.12.2006) - Metals and dust in the early universe Presentation (PDF)

Tommaso TREU (11.12.2006) - Dark matter and black holes over cosmic time Presentation (PDF)

Fabio LA FRANCA (06.12.2006) - The evolution of active galactic nuclei Presentation (PDF)

Massimo PERSIC (29.11.2006) - Very-high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics with MAGIC: recent achievements and beyond

Simone RECCHI (22.11.2006) - Early evolution of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Enrico Maria CORSINI (15.11.2006) - Dark matter distribution and gas fueling in the center of barred galaxies

Matteo VIEL (08.11.2006) - Strong MgII systems in quasar and gamma-ray burst spectra

Massimo CAPACCIOLI (30.10.2006) - The VST Project: Status Report

Meg URRY (25.10.2006) - Supermassive Black Holes in Deep Surveys

Carlotta GRUPPIONI (18.10.2006) - Galaxy and AGN Evolution in the MIR: a combined Spitzer and X-ray view Presentation (PDF)

Santi CASSISI (11.10.2006) - The Helium abundance in Galactic Globular Clusters: some new -unexpected- results

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Luigina FERETTI (20.09.2006) - Radio emission in clusters of galaxies Presentation (PDF)

Conrad BOEHM (14.09.2006) - Il patrimonio strumentale storico dell'INAF e dell'Osservatorio di Trieste: gestione e valorizzazione Presentation (PDF)

Mike BESSELL (06.09.2006) - Problems in Realisation of the Stromgren Photometric System and the new SKYMAPPER survey of the southern skies

Abouazza ELMHAMDI (28.06.2006) - Understanding spectra of Core Collapse Supernovae Presentation (PDF)

Valeria MANNA (21.06.2006) - Astronomical data analysis workflow on a service-oriented Grid architecture using Business Process Execution Language

Alexis FINOGUENOV (14.06.2006) - Groups and clusters of galaxies in deep XMM-Newton surveys

Luciana BIANCHI (08.06.2006) - Learning about Star Formation from the Local Universe

Jason X. PROCHASKA (07.06.2006) - Quasars Probing Quasars and the Surrounding IGM Presentation (PDF)

Richard BOWER (01.06.2006) - Winds, Super-winds and AGN: the broken hierarchy of galaxy formation

Vincenzo ANTONUCCIO (31.05.2006) - A weak lensing analysis of Abell 209 Presentation (PDF)

Giovanni VLADILO (24.05.2006) - Fresh evidence of dust extinction in Damped Lyman alpha systems: implications for the existence of metal-rich systems

Gustavo LANFRANCHI (19.05.2006) - Chemical Evolution Of Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Sam LEACH (17.05.2006) - Simulation and analysis of cosmic microwave background data

Michel MAYOR (11.05.2006) - From Gaseous Giant Planets to Rocky Planets. Eleven Years of Exoplanet Discoveries

Ginevra TRINCHIERI (03.05.2006) - Galaxy groups in the X-ray band -- a few selected examples Presentation (PDF)

Gabriella DE LUCIA (26.04.2006) - Modelling and observing galaxy clusters up to z~1 Presentation (PDF)

Eleonora PRESANI (19.04.2006) - Modelling synchrotron radiation from Dark Matter in the Galactic Center

Reinhard GENZEL (12.04.2006) - The Galactic Centre

Guido BARBIELLINI (05.04.2006) - Physical Results Derived From a Possible Analogy Between Laboratory Laser Plasma Acceleration And Cosmological GRBs Explosions

Kentaro NAGAMINE (22.03.2006) - The History of Cosmological Star Formation: Three Independent Approaches and a Critical Test Using the Extragalactic Background Light Presentation (PDF)

Raffaele GRATTON (16.03.2006) - The chemical composition and the evolution of the Galaxy: halo, thick disk, thin disk, and bulge

Marco FULLE (08.03.2006) - Comets

Gary MAMON (22.02.2006) - Kinematical and dynamical modelling of elliptical galaxies - Presentation (PDF)

Carlo BACCIGALUPI (15.02.2006) - Cosmic Microwave Background and Planck: science and challenges

Stefano BORGANI (08.02.2006) - Physics of the ICM and hydrodynamical simulations

Alvio RENZINI (02.02.2006) - Elliptical Galaxies from Low to High Redshift

Alessandro DE ANGELIS (25.01.2006) - Gamma astroparticle physics and the MAGIC telescope

Xavier DUPAC (18.01.2006) - Planck: the scanning strategy

Mark VOIT (11.01.2006) - Mysteries of Galaxy Cluster Cores


Stefano ETTORI (21.12.2005) - A history of the metal accumulation in the intracluster medium

Giorgio MATT (07.12.2005) - X-ray spectral features from relativistic accretion discs in AGN

Andrea MARCOLINI (30.11.2005) - Hydrodynamical simulations of ISM pollutions by SNIIs and SNIs in dwarf spheroidal galaxies

Julian CHELA-FLORES (23.11.2005) - Astrobiology and Astronomy: Their Common Frontiers

Douglas FINKBEINER (15.11.2005) - Dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy

Paolo SALUCCI (09.11.2005) - The distribution of Dark Matter around Galaxies

Pierluigi MONACO (26.10.2005) - Hierarchical galaxy formation

Andrea ZACCHEI (19.10.2005) - Planck - The mission - The instruments and the data processing

Francesco SHANKAR (12.10.2005) - Super-Massive Black Holes the missing link in Galaxy Evolution

Jasmina MAGDALENIC (28.09.2005) - Characteristics of newly discovered super-short solar radio-bursts

Peter KATGERT (14.09.2005) - The magnetic field of the Galaxy

Simone ZAGGIA (29.06.2005) - M/L ratios in Local Group Dwarfs: still dark matter?

Patrick HENRY (23.06.2005) - High Resolution X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium

Francesca MATTEUCCI (15.06.2005) - Chemical evolution of galaxies: constraints on galaxy formation mechanisms

August EVRARD (09.06.2005) - A Living History of Cosmology with Clusters

Chiaki KOBAYASHI (08.06.2005 ) - Galactic evolution inferred from chemical abundances: Nucleosynthesis yields, Type Ia Supernovae, metallicity gradients, and cosmic chemical enrichment

Valentina D'ODORICO (01.06.2005) - Cosmology with QSO absorption lines

Paolo DI MARCANTONIO (25.05.2005) - Controlling the world-largest astronomical instrumentation: concepts and evolution of the ESO control software from X-shooter to ALMA

Luca TORNATORE (18.05.2005) - The chemical enrichment of Galaxy Clusters by numerical simulations

Giuliano TAFFONI (11.05.2005) - The grid technology and the Astronomical Perspective

Jean-Paul KNEIB (05.05.2005) - A deep look in the Universe using Cluster Lenses

Francesca POZZI (27.04.2005) - Comparison between ISOCAM 15um and Spitzer 24um source counts as a tool to understand galaxy evolution

Fabio GOVERNATO (15.04.2005) - Influence of feedback in galaxy formation

Antonio PIPINO (06.04.2005) - The role of supernovae in the chemical evolution of elliptical galaxies and of the ICM.

Paola POPESSO (30.03.2005) - What have we learnt from the galaxy luminosity function in clusters

Dario FADDA (23.03.2005) - First results from the Spitzer extragalactic First Look Survey

Pietro NICOLINI (18.03.2005) - Relativistic gyrokinetics

Massimo TESSAROTTO (18.03.2005) - Lattice-Bolzmann methods for incompressible fluids

Giuseppe MURANTE (16.03.2005) - Origin of a diffuse stellar component in numerical simulations of galaxy clusters

Shaul HANANI (03.03.2005) - The hunt for an unambiguous signal of Inflation

Stefano LIBERATI (02.03.2005) - Astrophysical bounds on Planck suppressed Lorentz violations

Elena PIAN (23.02.2005) - Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era

Gianrossano GIANNINI (17.02.2005) - Cosmic rays up to extreme energies

Cristina CHIAPPINI (16.02.2005) - The evolution of D, 3He and 4He on the light of the recent results by WMAP and FUSE

Leo GIRARDI (09.02.2005) - Star counts in the Galaxy: simulating from very deep to very shallow photometric surveys

Uros SELJAK (26.01.2005) - Cosmology with Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Andrea CIMATTI (20.01.2005) - From progenitors to fossils: the cosmic history of massive galaxies

Francesca PERROTTA (19.01.2005) - Making Light of the Dark Side

Lorenzo MONACO (12.01.2005) - The Stellar Populations in the Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxy


Andrea BIVIANO (21.12.2004) - The Orbits of Galaxies in Clusters

Hans BOEHRINGER (14.12.2004) - XMM Studies of Galaxy Clusters

Klaus DOLAG (10.12.2004) - Frontiers of galaxy cluster simulations

Paolo TOZZI (01.12.2004) - The Multiwavelength Survey of the Chandra Deep Field South

Stefano CRISTIANI (24.11.2004) - Formation and evolution of QSOs: clues from the GOODS and UVES programs - the inverse-hierarchical baryon collapse

Hiroyuki HIRASHITA (17.11.2004) - Hydrogen molecules in damped Ly-alpha clouds: clues to interstellar physics at high redshift

Yoel REPHAELI (10.11.2004) - Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect

John DANZIGER (27.10. 2004) - Dust in Supernovae

Martin HAEHNELT (12.10. 2004) - Cosmology with the Ly-alpha forest

Raghunathan SRIANAND (20.09.2004) - Molecular hydrogen in high-z DLAs: Physical conditions in proto-galaxies

Tom THEUNS (31.08.2004) - The intergalactic medium at redshifts 2 -- 4

Stefano ETTORI (05.08.2004) - Physical properties at high redshift of the X-ray galaxy clusters

Francesco CALURA (30.06.2004) - Cosmic Evolution of Star Formation and Metal Production in the Universe

Srdjan SAMUROVIC (23.06.2004) - Dark matter in early type galaxies

Alexis FINOGUENOV (10.06.2004) - XMM-Newton observations of structure and scaling in groups and clusters of galaxies

Simon CASASSUS (03.06.2004) - A new radio emission mechanism in the interstellar medium

Chris MULLIS (25.05.2004) - Tracing Structure and Evolution in the X-ray Universe

Sergei A. LEVSHAKOV (19.05.2004) - Probing the Variability of the Fine-Structure Constant with the VLT/UVES

Tirthankar Roy CHOUDHURY (12.05.2004) - Seminanalytical Modelling of the Low-Density IGM

Sandro D'ODORICO (04.05.2004) - Current status and future plans for VLT instrumentation

Art WOLFE (21.04.2004) - II Absorption in Damped Ly-Alpha Systems: A New Window on the Star-Formation History of Galaxies

Roberto GILMOZZI (07.04.2004) - Stato del VLT a 5 anni dall'inaugurazione (1 Aprile 1999) e prospettive future

Carlo BACCIGALUPI (31.03.2004) - CMB: acoustic oscillations, imaging and implications for cosmology .

Orsola DE MARCO (03.02.2004) - 55 Blue Stragglers in 4 Globular Clusters: A Spectroscopic Investigation.

Eros VANZELLA (29.01.2004) - Probing the Universe with Deep Surveys

Sabine SCHINDLER (27.01.2004) - Clusters of Galaxies: Dynamics, Evolution, and Dark Matter

Adriano FONTANA (22.01.2004) - LBC @ LBT: Status and Perspectives


Fabrizio BRIGHENTI (16.12.2003) - Hot Gas In and Around Elliptical Galaxies

Chiara FERRARI (02.12.2003) - MUlti-wavelength Sample of Interacting clusters

Lucio MAYER (25.11.2003) - Formation of Disk Galaxies with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Davide LAZZATI (21.11.2003) - Polarization in GRBs

Silvia PELLEGRINI (18.11.2003) - Accretion in Nearby Galactic Nuclei

Gianluigi GRANATO (09.10.2003) - A Physical Model for the Early Co-evolution of QSOs and of Their Spheroidal Hosts

Matteo VIEL (07.10.2003) - Cosmology with the Lyman-alpha Forest from a Set of High-Resolution Quasar Spectra.

Roberto GILLI (26.09.2003) - Deep X-Ray Surveys and the Hard X-Ray Background

Dante MINNITI (18.09.2003) - The Stellar Population of Centaurus A

Rafael BARRENA (30.07.2003) - Detection and Characterization of Galaxy Systems at Intermediate Redshifts.

Manuela ZOCCALI (16.07.2003) - The Age, Metallicity Distribution and Luminosity Function of the Galactic Bulge.

Swetlana HUBRIG (4.07.2003) - Magnetic Fields in Rapidly Oscillating Chemically Peculiar rhoAp Stars

Markus SCHOELLER (01.07.2003) - Optical Interferometry with the VLTI.

Luca SBORDONE (24.06.2003) - An Extreme Dwarf Galaxy: Abundances in the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidals.

Piercarlo BONIFACIO (17.06.2003) - Early Nucleosynthesis and Its Relics.

Andrea FERRARA (11.06.2003) - Feedback Effects at Cosmic Dawn.

Andrea BIVIANO (10.06.2003) - The Mass Profile of Galaxy Clusters.

Luigina FERETTI (28.05.2003) (IRA/CNR, Bologna) - Non-Thermal Phenomena in Clusters of Galaxies.

Pierluigi MONACO (19.05.2003) - Feedback from Stars and Quasars in Galaxy Formation.

Massimo PERSIC (13.05.2003) - X-Ray Emission from Starburst Galaxies.

Helmut SCHLATTL (23.01.2003) - Nucleosynthesis in Ultra-Metal-Poor Low-Mass Stars.

Luka POPOVIC (21.01.2003 - Belgrade) - Microlensing Evidence on AGN Spectral-Line Shapes: From X-Ray to the Optical Wavelengths.


Tommaso TREU (20.12.2002) - High-Redshift Early-Type Galaxies: Mass and Light.

Renato FALOMO (17.12.2002) - Black Hole Mass of AGNs.

Jasmina MAGDALENIC (10.12.2002) - Periodic Structures in Solar Radio Emission.

Klaus DOLAG (03.12.2002) - Magnetic Fields, an Obscure Ingredient in Clusters of Galaxies.

Francesco LONGO (27.11.2002) - Gamma-Ray Astronomy and Recent-Generation Detectors.

Reinaldo DE CARVALHO (26.11.2002) - The Northern-Sky Optical Cluster Survey: Towards the Mass Function.

Guido BARBIELLINI (19.11.2002) - GRBs: Recent Experimental and Theoretical Progress.

Vladimir LUKASH (15.11.2002) - Qualitative Breakthrouh in Observational Cosmology.

M.Sofia RANDICH (12.11.2002) - UVES Beryllium Observations of Solar-Type Stars in Old Open Clusters.

Celine PEROUX (05.11.2002) - Properties of sub-Damped Lyman Alpha Systems.

Leonid ILYUGIN (30.10.2002) - On the Origin of Nitrogen.

Paola ANDREANI (15.10.2002) - The HERSCHEL Satellite: "I will Look Further into Space than Any Other Instrument Did and Does Before Me".

Nello PAOLUCCI (02.10.2002) - Modalita' di restauro di antichi strumenti scientifici.

Hans BOEHRINGER (2.10.2002) - Galaxy Clusters as Cosmological Probes and Astrophysical Laboratories.

S.BHARGAVI (24.09.2002) - Gamma Ray Bursts: Before and During the Afterglow Era.

Elena PIERPAOLI (23.07.2002) - The Normalization of the Power Spectrum.

Arnold HANSLMEIER (09.07.2002) - Dynamics of Fine Structures in the Solar Photosphere.

Luiz DA COSTA (02.07.2002) - The ESO Imaging Survey.

Volker SPRINGEL (25.06.2002) - Simulations of Galaxy Formation: The Impact of Galactic Winds on the IGM.

Doug GEISLER (20.06.2002) - The NGC 1399 Globular Cluster System.

Vladimir CADEZ (18.06.2002) - 3D Reconstruction of Coronal Magnetic Fields.

Alexis FINOGUENOV (28.05.2002) - Metal Enrichment and Preheating at z~3, Derived from X-Ray Observations of Local Clusters of Galaxies.

Zoran KNEZEVIC (24.05.2002) - Chaos in the Motion of Asteroids.

Eric EMSELLEM (16.05.2002) - Density Waves in the Central Regions of Galaxies.

Ari MALLER (14.05.2002) - New Ideas in Galactic Disk Formation.

Magda ARNABOLDI (23.04.2002) - Intra-Cluster Planetary Nebulae.

Itziar ARETXAGA (20.03.2002) - Sub-Millimetre Galaxies: Breaking the Redshift Deadlock.

David HUGHES (19.03.2002) - Into Thin Air: Chasing Sub-Millimetre Galaxies from Antarctica.

Nikolai CHUGAI (12.03.2002) - SN 1998S: Born in a Circumstellar Opaque Thomson Cocoon.

Laura MARASCHI (05.02.2002) - Blazars, Relativistic Jets and Their Link with the Their Powering Accretion Disks: Towards a Unified Physical Model of Radio-Loud AGNs.

Jasjeet BAGLA (15.02.2002) - TreePM: A New Method for Cosmological Simulations - Method and Applications.

Samuel BOISSIER (14.02.2002) - Chemical Evolution of Nearby Disc Galaxies and Distant Lyman-Alpha Absorbers.

Giuseppe BERTIN (13.02.2002) - Weak Homology of Elliptical Galaxies.

Francesco HAARDT (05.02.2002) - The Reionization History of the Universe.

Enrico HELD (29.01.2002) - The Phoenix Galaxy: a Laboratory for Galaxy Evolution.

Massimo CAPACCIOLI (25.01.2002) - Il telescopio VST.

Leo GIRARDI (22.01.2002) - Simulating Stellar Populations in Several Photometric Systems.

Marilena SALVO (17.01.2002) - The All-Sky Southern Supernova Search.

Manuela MAGLIOCCHETTI (15.01.2002) - Clues on the Nature of Low-z Radio Sources from the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey.


Giorgio PALUMBO (18.12.2001) - Astronomy and Astrophysics from Space: An Outline of the Italian Space Program.

Thirupathi SIVARANI (05.12.2001) - Chemical Composition of post-AGB stars. Giorgio G.C.

Mario VIETRI (04.12.2001) - Progress in Understanding Gamma-Ray Bursts.

Conrad BOEHM (27.11.2001) - International Astronomy Olympiads: A Progress Report.

Piero ROSATI (22.11.2001) - Galaxy-Cluster Population at High Redshift.

Matteo VIEL (20.11.2001) - Probing the Intergalactic Medium with the Lyman-Alpha Forest along Multiple Line-of-Sights to Distant QSOs.

Adolfo MENDEZ BERHONDO (16.11.2001) - Microwave fluctuations associated to solar active regions.

Nicola MENCI (15.11.2001) - Galaxy Clusters and Hierarchical Galaxy Formation.

Stefan GOTTLOEBER (30.10.2001) - The Evolution of Galaxies in Different Cosmological Environments.

Jason PROCHASKA (29.10.2001) - Chemical Abundances of Damped Ly-Alpha Systems.

Simone ZAGGIA (23.10.2001) - The EIS Pre-FLAMES Stellar Survey: First Results.

Maohai HUANG (28.06.2001) - AST/RO System Integration, Control, and Operation in a Remote Place.

Maohai HUANG (25.06.2001) - Microwave and Infrared Observations at the South Pole.

Piero MADAU (22.06.2001) - The End of the Cosmic Dark Ages: Probing Early Structure Formation.

Luciana BIANCHI (19.06.2001) - The GALEX Mission: Probing the History of Star Formation.

Eira KOTONEVA (12.06.2001) - K-Dwarfs and the Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way.

Simone ZAGGIA (05.06.2001) - Tidal Tails in Globular Clusters.

Renato FALOMO (03.05.2001) - Host Galaxies of Radio Loud Active Nuclei.

Luca ZAMPIERI (27.03.2001) - Black Hole Formation in Supernovae: Prospects of Unveiling Fallback Emission.

Sergei LEVSHAKOV (20.03.2001) - Damped Ly-Alpha Systems Investigations.

Scott KENYON (09.03.2001) - Planet Formation in the Outer Solar System.

Milan DIMITRIJEVIC (06.03.2001) - Stark Broadening in Astrophysics.

Ernesto OLIVA (05.03.2001) - TNG: stato attuale, capacita' osservative, e prospettive a breve termine.

Cristina CHIAPPINI (20.02.2001) - Abundance Gradients and the Formation of the Milky Way.

Andrea FERRARA (13.02.2001) - Galaxy Formation and Reionization: Unveiling the End of Dark Ages.

Renzo SANCISI (06.02.2001) - Neutral Hydrogen in Spiral Galaxies.

Luigi PIRO (30.01.2001) - Gamma-Ray Bursts in the BeppoSAX Era.

Piercarlo BONIFACIO (16.01.2001) - Chemical Composition of Stars in the Sgr dSph Galaxy.


Vladimir CADEZ (19.12.2000) - Models of Helioseismic Modes.

Laura SILVA (12.12.2000) - Modeling the SED of Galaxies in New Spectral Windows.

Luigi GUZZO (05.12.2000) - Large-Scale Structure Using Clusters of Galaxies.

Massimo CAPPI (28.11.2000) - Chandra and XMM-Newton Studies of Distant Galaxy Clusters, AGN, and Starburst Galaxies.

Khalil CHAMCHAM (27.11.2000) - Evolution of Galactic Disks with a Star Formation Threshold.

Tommaso TREU (10.11.2000) - On the Formation and Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies.

Alexis FINOGUENOV (09.11.2000) - ASCA View on the Chemical Enrichment in Local Clusters of Galaxies.

Stefano CRISTIANI (31.10.2000) - Recent VLT Results on Quasar Absorption Lines.

Elena PIAN (24.10.2000) - Gamma Ray Bursts and Their Progenitors.

Sabrina DE GRANDI (17.10.2000) - Profili di temperatura e metallicita' in ammassi di galassie ricchi osservati con BeppoSAX.

Felipe MENANTEAU (02.10.2000) - Evidence for Evolving Spheroidals in the Hubble Deep Field South.